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Professional platform for automating the 360-degree personnel assessment process.
Automate 360-degree feedback survey and get objective information about the "strengths" and "weaknesses" of all employees in your organization!
Use our set of ready-made standard competencies with questions or easily create / import your competency group with questions.
Create competencies and select the option "add a field for comments to each question included in this competency or not."
Create a new survey, customize the email template for respondents, specify the number of days to complete the survey.
Track the progress on the created surveys in the "Surveys" section. View information about those who have already completed the survey. Send reminders to those respondents who haven't started taking the survey yet.
Check out the reports in the "Reports" section. Reports are available in xls format and as a graph.
Report in the form of a graph.
Full-screen view of the chart in the form of: Radar.
Full-screen view of the chart in the form of: Horizontal Bar.
Full-screen view of the chart in the form of: Bar
Full-screen view of the chart in the form of: Pie.
More details
  • Effectively assess the professional and personal characteristics of employees;
  • Use pre-installed competency templates;
  • Easily customize questions and indicators for assessment;
  • Create and group your own competency models.
Types of assessments and objectivity of results

The objectivity of the results is due to the complete anonymity of the participants in the process. Evaluation can be carried out for all types of feedback:

  • Assessment 90° - assessment of the employee by the manager;
  • Assessment 180° - assessment by the leader and self-assessment;
  • Assessment 360° - self-assessment, assessment by the leader, subordinates and colleagues;
  • Assessment 540° - extended round-robin assessment with external participants (customers / partners / suppliers).

The key features:

  • Evaluation Process Automation;
  • Multilingual interface and survey forms;
  • No quantity restrictions;
  • Templates of competencies and indicators;
  • Easy and intuitive interface;
  • Privacy and data protection of survey participants;
  • Invitations and reminders by e-mail;
  • Protection against "blank clicks" and scrolling results;
  • Transparent terms of payment;
  • Download reports in Word, Excel, PDF;
  • For organizations with complex organizational structure;
  • B2B | B2C.