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Alert Catcher

Alert Catcher plugin for Jira allows you to consolidate IT alerts that emanate from SIEM and EMS systems. All alerts, incidents, and notifications can be customized on the basis of preference, with escalations creating tickets in Jira Software & Jira Service Management.
Connect your event management systems (SIEM/EMS) with Jira. Support connection with McAfee, Zabbix, Paessler PRTG, etc.
A primary use case for API token is allowing creating incidents using this key as X-API-Key parameter in request header. Manage endpoint restrictions and configure your endpoint for your needs.
Connections with Zabbix, McAfee SIEM, etc.
Plugin audit log Alert Catcher has a logs page that shows all plugin actions: creating connections, incidents, change connection settings and rules.
Problem management rule actions Rule actions help you to manage problem creation based on incidents with a same rule - such issues are called a mass incident or problem.
Use connection type for integration with 3rd party system Connection type used for synchronize rules and acknowledge alerts when transition occurs. This feature allows you to close/acknowledge your incident from Jira®.
You can change values in a [Alert Catcher] Connection field. Now this field is mutable. So this means that you can create incidents manually and these incidents should be processed by Alert Catcher.
More details
Alert Catcher is plugin for Jira to manage alerts from 3rd-party systems.

The key features of plugin:

  • Custom endpoint for creating and updating incidents. For updating incidents you can use alert id instead of Jira issue key.
  • Ability to group incidents by rule and create mass incidents.
  • Custom restrictions for creating and updating incidents.
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