License Manager

Software license monitoring, track domains and SSL certificates expiration date info in Jira.
High-level view into cloud resources by utilized, idle, or unallocated. Integration with cloud providers: Atlassian and Microsoft 365. Ability to track manually added third-party software of any type.
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The "License Manager" plugin for Jira makes it easier to monitor your cloud software licenses from vendors such as Atlassian and Microsoft 365. This gives you a centralized view of license usage, allowing you to predict your cloud spending and manage license renewals.

In addition to integration with cloud providers, it is possible to manually add and monitor third-party software of any type, such as BOX, OEM, ESD.

The "License Manager" plugin provides you with an easy-to-use solution for monitoring your Domains and SSL certificates. The plugin will keep track of your website's domains and certificate's expiration dates and send you notifications when they are about to expire.

The plugin is useful for engineering, DevOps, and FinOps teams.

Data Protection: The "License Manager" does not collect any personal data. All data is stored in entity properties in your Jira Cloud instance.
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