Quick Tables

A powerful plugin for creating custom tables in Jira issues, allowing teams to collect and organize data in a structured and efficient manner.
Quick Tables is a plugin for Jira that allows users to create custom tables within an issue, making it easier to organize and manage data.
More details
With Quick Tables, users can create a template for each project or use a few templates in one issue with custom data inside the cells. This allows for custom tables for every case, including marketing, financial, legal, and other issues, where teams can receive data as a filled table with the appropriate elements, such as files, URL links, date or user picker, text, numerical data, or images.

With Quick Tables you will:
  • Create an Onboarding ToDo list for the new employees
  • Send DoR and DoD to the Development team
  • Get the marketing campaigns results
  • Unify issue data
  • Get a quick reply to the main question about life universe and everything
  • Expand the collaboration across your teams and departments
  • Unify collecting data
  • Easy to configure the sample forms to fill