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Softlist in the Atlassian Codegeist 2021 hackathon!

Codegeist 2021 is an annual developer contest that helps teams unleash their potential by building Atlassian apps.

By participating in the hackathon we created a plugin to import images into Confluence from Unsplash so that companies make to creates awesome documents and increase reader engagement!


Today, a huge number of illustrations related to marketing, product updates, internal communications, corporate news are available in stock photos. Such images evoke the necessary emotions from readers and also, such images will help illustrate abstract concepts using photos of specific objects. But finding the right image can be difficult and time-consuming... The Imagine plugin solves that!

Check out Imagine — Photos and image library for Confluence

What it does

With the Imagine plugin and Unsplash, Confluence users have access to a huge number of images right directly on the Confluence page editor. Unsplash contains over 2 million free photos - in high-resolution, in different genres, and on different topics.

Search in the Unsplash database is carried out using a convenient Imagine macro: users can select photos by keywords, and then immediately add the image they like to the Confluence page!